Perfect Peace

All this talk about JADE HELM, ONE WORLD ORDER, HAVING OUR RIGHTS STRIPPED AWAY, AND TERRORISM are all things the world talks about.  But if you are in Jesus, you are not of this world.  You are part of a very Mighty Kingdom.  Fear has nothing to do with God's people.   Perfect Peace does. 
So when you hear these things in the world;
REMEMBER it doesn't apply to you.
Your inheritance is Love, Joy and PEACE.  IT'S YOURS SO HANG ON TO IT.  As Jesus put it "Rejoice because your redemption draws near."

Peace I leave with you. Not peace as the world gives,give I to you.  Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful,." John 14:27

We win in the end!

"But the saints of the most High will inherit the Kingdom of God; Even  possess the Kingdom forever and ever."
Daniel 7:18

Let's pray:
Dear Jesus thank You for caring about my life right down to the finest detail.  As I meditate on Your Promises and rejoice, give me the words and desire to share the good news with those around me.  Thank You for Loving me.

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