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"Man Hunt" the CIA's brilliant conquest of finding Bin Laden

Did anyone of you happen to see a documentary called "Man Hunt"??  It's about some important people who work behind the scenes to save the lives of Americans. To keep you, and I secure is also their great passion.

As it turns out, an agency called the CIA, worked long and hard for many years way before 911. In the 1990s most Americans were raising families, going to work, living in new houses and apartments.

The documentary called "Man Hunt" was made post 911.  It has been said that the fault of 911 should fall on the CIA.  Some thought the CIA knew about 911 before it happened, and others made up their mind that the CIA was sleeping at the wheel.  The truth was announced when the CIA was able to tell their side of the story.

Our Central Intelligence Agency was working hard from the 1980s, 1990s, up to today.  Protecting American lives from Al Queda, and preventing sneak attacks. Over the decades, films, letters, and pictures trickled in over time from Osama bi…