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The Writers Cross: And The blessings Come Crashing Down

Evangelism;  A.Pocket Full of Hope

Today I sat on my porch swing enjoying the beauty of God's creation.  I was talking to God, about writing this article for the Pocket Testament League.   Of all this ministry does for Our Lord and Savior, I noticed the top priority is evangelism.  So, as I continued to pray, I asked God to help me define the deepest meaning of evangelism possible.

So I asked Him,  "What is evangelism"?  While finishing up my morning devotional, I remembered I have always thought of an evangelist as one who goes around pulling little books out of their pockets, and handing them to strangers.  Then I recalled a time in the down town area sitting on a bench, watching these people with joyful glow on their faces.  One after another, they would approach people walking to and fro, and pull little cards from their pockets, and hand them out.  After at time of watching, I asked myself, "What kind of miracle did they have in their pockets?"  I became …
Under Dog Research Alliance

Research Writer Collaborators

"If they do not listen, they shall perish by the sword, and die without knowledge."  Job 36:11-13

Let's do it for the world.

Our Mission will be share articles, videos, interviews, news reels, and anything pertaining to issues not known to the average working class citizen, the less informed,  AKA  "the Under Dog."

Millions of citizens work long hours, and have no time to search for news on current issues.  Yet these very issues effect their lives, and the ones they love.  What laws are being made at the citizen's expense?  What does the future hold for America?  How are we still protected by the constitution?

Let's unite our passions.  Let's form;
"The Under-Dog Research Alliance"

"The home of the free and the brave" is about to need major foundation repair!!!

At first it might be a little rocky, but that's only at the beginning.  We'll combine our smarts, familiarity of d…
A Pocket Full of Hope

A person may ask; Who is an Evangelist?  The answer would be simple.  An evangelist is a normal, everyday person who, through devotion to our Creator, chooses to go out and share what they carry.  When I think of carrying something, I think of pockets.  Some of us carry coins.  Some of us carry reminders.  An evangelist carries hope in his pocket

We, as God's people, carry treasures of hope with us everyday.  It's almost as if our pockets are filled with shiny gold coins.   These coins, however, have no value if they stay in our pockets.  As Christians, we are to share our treasures ofhope with everyone we meet.  Hope is a free gift that was given to all of us. Evangelism is the act of emptying our pockets,  only to have them filled again. 

There are people around us everyday looking for answers. They fear the perplexity of the times.  All they know is what the world tells them.   They continue their daily routine, while we have been called as evangelists to…
The American Deficit of Life

"Let instruction and knowledge mean more to you than silver and the finest gold."  Proverbs 8:10
As a writer, I constantly thirst for new information.  For this reason, I spend a large part of my days, and nights, searching for information that has anything to do with what goes on around us, as Americans.  I do this because I want the world to get better.  As the search continues, I find myself bombarded by the realities that avalanche down upon me.  Sure the government has caused an American deficit that's too big to pay back.  That's no sweat off their brow.  They just go print more money.  Let's see, oh yea!  We've got the war on terror, nation wide foreclosures, unemployment, large corporate take overs, and get this!  We also have executive orders that claim rights to our property, our transportation, our health care, and even the right to detain us anytime, and anywhere they see fit.  The really troubling part is that a large p…