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Defend our Kids

In the old days when life was a bit more simple, if someone murdered someone, or stole a horse, they were hung, or executed in plain sight. As you read this sentence, somewhere there is a helpless child being horribly mistreated, or neglected.  And somewhere there is a helpless infant, being shaken, neglected or left hungry.  Just like clockwork, children and babies with no defense, end up dead, or severely injured.   I say this with a deep sadness in my heart. 

The justice system of America has a tendency to guarantee murderers protection and "humane treatment".  Look at the death penalty of lethal injection.  By all means, make sure the syringe is sterilized.   I'm sure the lethal injection has it's purpose in a wide array of circumstances.  But when killing defenseless babies, or children... "the word humane" should go out the window.  The victims don't have an option.  Cruelty is all they're offered. 

Sometimes I have seen drug dealers get twenty…