To People like The Las Vegas Shooter...Wake Up From Your Illusion.

I am sad.  I am sad for you, my love.  How do you think you have the right to decide who lives, and who dies?  Families... Loved ones have the first say. idiots. You are NOBODY!!!  Stay out the lives of people.  Mind your own business.

It's a horrible and tragic event when someone takes their own life.  But please...When you get a slimy idea to take an innocent life, and destroy the hearts of an entire family.  Please...please make the right choice.  Take your own life.  The world doesn't need you.  We need people with brains, and common sense.  But, I hate to brake it to you...that isn't you..  If you have ever once decided to make a good it now!  Don't wait until you have hurt innocent people.  Be noble. Take yourself out of the equation first.  You will serve mankind greatly.  You may save your own poor innocent and helpless family from a life of horrible terror.  Do you care?  If someone is asking you to risk your loved ones...…
I Am Free
I haven't been on my Blog for so long.  I've been going through some difficult transitions.  First, I lost my Farm.  That is where I did most of my writing.  Since then, I have been displaced too long.  Now, I've gained my strength back.  I'm going to find a permanent home and get back to my writing.  I want to be connected to the world again.
Unfortunately, In my time of loss, I went numb and let myself get into a situation that tried to steal from my person.  My mind is beginning to clear.  I am now remembering who I am.  No one has the right to take from me.  For the last thirty years, I have been tough and very strong.  It left for only a short time. I forgot that I am who I am.  Nobody can dictate when I write, who my friends are, or who I can contact.  This type of control is a total lie.  What was I thinking?
So I am back.  I am once again, free to study.  I can do my research, and share it with the world.  I can once again speak what is in my heart.  

Continue to pray for America!
Some believe 9-11 was only a warning, and that the worst is yet to come.

What do you believe?
"He will break down every tower and fortified wall.
"He will destroy all the trading ships and every great vessel.
Human pride will be humbled, and human arrogance will be brought down.
Only the Lord will be exalted on that day of Judgement."
Isaiah 2
Behold; The Last Trumpet!!!
Prepare the Way for The Day of Atonement September 13th.
Open your hearts to Jesus!  He is it, folks;  your only Salvation.
If it isn't so, you will lose a DAY;  but if it IS so, you will lose Eternity.  

Dear Heavenly Father.  Open the eyes of the people.  Let them know their redemption is near.  Let them know that I am at the door.  I come that they will have Life, and have it more abundantly.  If they give their life to me, they will find it. They will be my people and I will be their God

Matthew 10:39
Acts 16:31
Revelations 3:20
Look up Rabbi Johnathan Cahn

The Writer's Cross: The Writer's Cross: Perfect PeaceAll this talk abo...

The Writer's Cross: The Writer's Cross: Perfect PeaceAll this talk abo...: The Writer's Cross: Perfect Peace All this talk about JADE HELM, ONE W... : Perfect Peace All this talk about JADE HELM, ONE WORLD ...
America, JADE HELM, and the Hope that comes along side it. 

"Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved;  you and your household." Acts 16:31

Operation JADE HELM 15 started yesterday.

The most obvious operations are in Texas, Utah, and parts of New Mexico and California.

I find it interesting that  most of these areas involves some border type area to the U.S.

There is a wide variety of American response to JADE HELM from basic military exercises to feeling invaded by terrorist

Some of our most dedicated military personnel have called it quits.  They believe that this 
"routine military exercise"  is somehow considered unconstitional. Hmm...Isn't the U.S. military suppose to be on our side?  

  Mainstream media coverage. media is currently banned.  I suppose they don't want to cause anymore of a stir than there already is.

It is reported that the reason Texas is a large part of such a"Warfare Exercise" (Another name for JADE HELM).
Is for it…

The Writer's Cross: Perfect PeaceAll this talk about JADE HELM, ONE W...

The Writer's Cross: Perfect Peace
All this talk about JADE HELM, ONE W...
: Perfect Peace All this talk about JADE HELM, ONE WORLD ORDER, HAVING OUR RIGHTS STRIPPED AWAY, AND TERRORISM are all things the worl...