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Viva La Mexico  by LeAnn Strickland Wright And IN MEMORY OF: Mamie and Felix Rangel, my grandparents, who came from Mexico to the U.S. to reach for the stars... and succeeded.

Lately, I have been researching problems we are having at, and around the Mexican border.  I can't say it is none of my business, because it IS MY BUSINESS.  It is ALL of our business.  Horrible things such as murder and torture are happening everyday while we sit in our homes sipping Dr. Pepper and watching television.  Wives are losing husbands.  Moms are losing children to unspeakable violence.  And for what????  I'll tell you for what!  The reason is  "survival".

The Mexican people have little, or no access to income  in the as we do in the U.S.  If we need a job, we can go down to the grocery store, or the nearest Sonic to make a few bucks.  If we end up on the streets, we have various resources that we can pursue to aid in those issues, as well.  But our brothers and sisters across the border…