Viva La Mexico  by LeAnn Strickland Wright

Mamie and Felix Rangel, my grandparents, who came from Mexico to the U.S. to reach for the stars... and succeeded.

 Lately, I have been researching problems we are having at, and around the Mexican border.  I can't say it is none of my business, because it IS MY BUSINESS.  It is ALL of our business.  Horrible things such as murder and torture are happening everyday while we sit in our homes sipping Dr. Pepper and watching television.  Wives are losing husbands.  Moms are losing children to unspeakable violence.  And for what????  I'll tell you for what!  The reason is  "survival".

The Mexican people have little, or no access to income  in the as we do in the U.S.  If we need a job, we can go down to the grocery store, or the nearest Sonic to make a few bucks.  If we end up on the streets, we have various resources that we can pursue to aid in those issues, as well.  But our brothers and sisters across the border don't have these luxuries.  You know why they don't have those resources?  Because the people in leadership, who the citizens would otherwise depend on, are as crooked as the day is long.  They can't go to their leaders for help to survive.  They can't go to their leaders for justice. They can't go to their leaders because their leaders are stealing from them as well. We all know that leaders will be held in high accountability.

The media will tell you that the reasons for so much sadness and poverty is because of drug trafficking.  Don't get me wrong.   I'm against the destruction that drugs bring as much as the next guy.   But I can see why some of these people would turn a blind eye to it.    It puts money in their pockets and food on their tables.    Otherwise the people south of the border would all starve to death.  They would have to watch their children starve to death. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.  These poor people have to depend on something destructive and illegal to survive.  And to them it's ok.  They are able to feed their kids, and send them to school.   And it's all funded by drug traffickers that are supported by high legal officials and police.  So when things go horribly wrong, like having your child gunned down on the street, there is really nowhere to go for justice.  Because the person that tries to execute justice usually just got executed.  The bottom line is; the Mexican people are living, and dying in extreme poverty.  They are forbidden to go across the border where there are jobs.  All they want to do is work to support their families.  But, as it goes, they are stuck in IN POVERTY STRICKEN MEXICO TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES.

Now somewhere in the pit of my stomach, I know that money is behind all of this.  Money is the reason they can't make a living.  Money is the reason they can't go to their officials for justice.  And money is the reason they are legally bound to stay on that side of the border.  So...How can money be used in a logical way to better the lives of these people?'s my idea on things.  Why can't there be a way to make it LEGAL FOR MEXICANS TO COME TO THE U.S. ON WORK PASSES?  They would be allowed to cross back and forth to work jobs?  And being allowed to cross, would certainly bring down the violence, not to mention the hunger.  They could pay taxes, since MONEY seems to be SO ALL IMPORTANT.  In some of my research, I have discovered that farmers, and various plantation GROWERS CAN USE THE LABOR.  THEY WANT THE LABOR  Maybe everyone would benefit. The plantation owners would have people to work in the fields.  The Mexican people could SAFELY CROSS THE BORDER back and forth to PROVIDE FOR THEIR FAMILIES.  With production more plentiful, MAYBE GROCERY PRICES WOULD GO DOWN?   Who knows? 

Now that it's all said;  Sure, drug trafficking is a major issue.  But that is whole different article.  I say we focus on the GOOD WE CAN DO.  I say we help the poor.  It is OUR RIGHT AND RESPONSIBLILTY TO HELP people that are struggling.  THE MEXICANS ARE PEOPLE, and they ARE STRUGGLING.  Someday when we STAND BEFORE GOD, we will know in our hearts that even though we couldn't save the whole world,   we were able to ELIMINATE at least the SUFFERING that was right IN FRONT OF US. 

" but when He saw all of the people, He was moved with pity for them, because they were troubled, and wandering like sheep without a keeper..."Matthew 9:36

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