Under Dog Research Alliance

Research Writer Collaborators

"If they do not listen, they shall perish by the sword, and die without knowledge."  Job 36:11-13

Let's do it for the world.

Our Mission will be share articles, videos, interviews, news reels, and anything pertaining to issues not known to the average working class citizen, the less informed,  AKA  "the Under Dog."

Millions of citizens work long hours, and have no time to search for news on current issues.  Yet these very issues effect their lives, and the ones they love.  What laws are being made at the citizen's expense?  What does the future hold for America?  How are we still protected by the constitution?

Let's unite our passions.  Let's form; 
"The Under-Dog Research Alliance"

"The home of the free and the brave" is about to need major foundation repair!!!

At first it might be a little rocky, but that's only at the beginning.  We'll combine our smarts, familiarity of diverse cultures.  Through trial and error; we will come up with a custom made routine to find answers.

Before the group can be established, we must determine on what individual strengths, location, and culture is each partner experienced in.  I love to research, and write.  I live in U.S. Texas.  What I don't know about the laws, and how things are done, I will learn through research...


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