The American Deficit of Life

"Let instruction and knowledge mean more to you than silver and the finest gold."  Proverbs 8:10 

As a writer, I constantly thirst for new information.  For this reason, I spend a large part of my days, and nights, searching for information that has anything to do with what goes on around us, as Americans.  I do this because I want the world to get better.  As the search continues, I find myself bombarded by the realities that avalanche down upon me.  Sure the government has caused an American deficit that's too big to pay back.  That's no sweat off their brow.  They just go print more money.  Let's see, oh yea!  We've got the war on terror, nation wide foreclosures, unemployment, large corporate take overs, and get this!  We also have executive orders that claim rights to our property, our transportation, our health care, and even the right to detain us anytime, and anywhere they see fit.  The really troubling part is that a large percentage of the American population doesn't know half of what's just been mentioned.

Laws change,  and we better decide to make it our business.

We live in the most blessed and powerful nation in the world.  We are blessed because we are free to exercise our rights as we see fit.  According to United States Constitution, we are protected by laws. Laws change and we better decide to make it our business.  One of the greatest privileges, as far as I'm concerned, is the freedom to express ourselves.  And expressing myself is the tool that I plan to use to make our country, and the world, a kinder place to live.  I want this to be a better world for my children and grandchildren.
  We the People, or We the Oppressed

I love America and I love people.  Yet I am overwhelmed over the dangers that have the potential to take us from "We the people" to "We the Oppressed".   I, alone, cannot fix the problem.  It's way too big!  I'm trying to soak all this in.  But wait a minute.  While I'm soaking this in, the dangers are still heading towards us. We need to see what's coming.  We need to make changes, and we need to do it together..

The interest rate for "not caring" is forever increasing.
 "We the People" are the greatest allies we have. 

Here is my solution. No, here is OUR solution.  I will do my part by keeping an eye on things and writing. I will continue to encourage others to the best of my ability.  I know we can't change government corruption and we can't stop wars.  These have been happening since the beginning of time. That's out of our control.  But little at a time, and one person at a time, we can change "our world" and that adds up.  WE MUST DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO HAVE EACH OTHER'S BACK. If we help another person, then that person helps another, and so on. know what I'm getting at.  That is the reason that I want to encourage each of my friends to do what THEY can do.  I'm talking about things like saying a simple prayer.  No, the way things are heading in our country, we need tons of prayer!,  Don't get me wrong. Things that seem small can go a long way.  Give someone a word of encouragement, an unexpected kindness, a smile on a rainy day, a phone call, or a letter to a lonely relative.  The possibilities for positive reinforcement are endless.   Once we lift someone's spirit, then perhaps they will gain strength to do the same for someone else.  As Americans, our deficit has nothing to do with money.   We are a blessed people.  The deficit that "We the People" suffer from is a shortage of caring.  And the interest rate for "not caring" is forever increasing.  I'm not saying that we can change the whole world!  I'm just saying that we can make our piece a little better.  So I want to encourage my friends.  Hang in there.  Be there for someone.  Let your neighbor know you've got their back.  We can make things better. Let's try starting in our own little piece of the world.  Maybe someday the pieces will all fit together, because WE THE PEOPLE did something about it.  It's all up to us.  Because we,  the people, are our greatest allies.

One final thought;  I hope to make a priority of empowering our young people with this knowledge.  It's their future that is at stake.   Let's make an effort to give them the understanding they need to hold on to the rights given to them by their forefathers.  We owe it to them. We owe it to ourselves. Talk to your kids. Talk to their kids. We can do this!  It's our responsibility.

"From this ordinary people can learn to be smart, and young people can gain knowledge and good sense."  Proverbs 1:4

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