Evangelism;  A.Pocket Full of Hope

Today I sat on my porch swing enjoying the beauty of God's creation.  I was talking to God, about writing this article for the Pocket Testament League.   Of all this ministry does for Our Lord and Savior, I noticed the top priority is evangelism.  So, as I continued to pray, I asked God to help me define the deepest meaning of evangelism possible.

So I asked Him,  "What is evangelism"?  While finishing up my morning devotional, I remembered I have always thought of an evangelist as one who goes around pulling little books out of their pockets, and handing them to strangers.  Then I recalled a time in the down town area sitting on a bench, watching these people with joyful glow on their faces.  One after another, they would approach people walking to and fro, and pull little cards from their pockets, and hand them out.  After at time of watching, I asked myself, "What kind of miracle did they have in their pockets?"  I became amazed as the countenance of each receiver went from slouched over to somewhat a little taller.  The evangelists seemed to be pulling hope right out of their pockets. I decided right then that I was determined to find out what they were sharing.  I would hang around the area until I found out what was behind this "evangelism".  I boldly walked over to inquire of these pocket evangelists.   The truth was astonishing!  From his pocket, he pulled out a little card stating that Jesus Cares.  There was hope in his pocket.  And people needed it. All kinds of  hope; hope that we aren't alone.  Hope that our troubles are not our own. Hope that would eternally lighten our load.  And all this fit in someone's pocket.

What do we carry in our pocket?  Is it the Good News?  .  If we know Jesus, then we know the freedom He gave us at the Cross.    

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