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"Depression; You've Met Your Match!"

Depression;  You've Met Your Match !!

Out of all the messages of Love I have received from the Heart of God; the one that rings out the loudest is the one about Depression.

 All my life I have struggled with it. You might say I accepted it as my lot in life.  But, boy was I wrong?! I sought after God for a real solution.   I wouldn't settle for one from a doctor, or medical book. The answer turned out to be simple!
  It was right there in His Word the whole time.

Anytime one of His kids began to have a heaviness in their heart, they were instructed to look on all the wonders, delights, and lessons that were given to them.  These were all Gifts from God.  THAT was His cure for Depression.  So when I began to make my list... I rendered it impossible.  There was absolutely no way I could list His Goodness on a piece of paper, or any  way else for that matter; not in this lifetime.

So in conclusion; What I learned is... that it's "THANKFULNESS" that defeats Depression.  T…