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A Message From Jesus For Those Longing For His Return

Hi Friends.  I find this very uplifting ans soothing.  Sometimes after being wound up in the day, I will lay in bed under the covers and watch this one and others like it.  It's all based on scripture and very TRUE.  Enjoy it.  Rest in what's ahead.  In HIS LOVE,  LeAnn

Anonymous's Plan To Defeat The Illuminati And New World Order 2014 and 2015

Pushed Away: Our Love Is True

Pushed Away:   Our Love Was True  I am sure that most of the people that have read my posts, or viewed my face book have discovered that I have a soft spot in my heart for Charlie Chaplin.  There's a reason why.  As a matter of fact, there are several reasons why.  I am writing this blog to let you know that it's not because Charlie Chaplin brings so much joy to my heart, or that I have so much fun dressing up and acting like him.  Even though those excellent reasons for me to spend as much time as I do on these projects, there is something more important.  The reason this subject is near to my heart of hearts is because I have a very real connection with him.  This connection is pain, and sometimes a sense of loneliness. It is different than most because it come from a heart that has been beaten down for it's desire to love and make the world a little better.  I will explain..
Charles Chaplin never officially became an American citizen.  I never have been clear on the reaso…