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I Am Free
I haven't been on my Blog for so long.  I've been going through some difficult transitions.  First, I lost my Farm.  That is where I did most of my writing.  Since then, I have been displaced too long.  Now, I've gained my strength back.  I'm going to find a permanent home and get back to my writing.  I want to be connected to the world again.
Unfortunately, In my time of loss, I went numb and let myself get into a situation that tried to steal from my person.  My mind is beginning to clear.  I am now remembering who I am.  No one has the right to take from me.  For the last thirty years, I have been tough and very strong.  It left for only a short time. I forgot that I am who I am.  Nobody can dictate when I write, who my friends are, or who I can contact.  This type of control is a total lie.  What was I thinking?
So I am back.  I am once again, free to study.  I can do my research, and share it with the world.  I can once again speak what is in my heart.