"Hang in there, My Chosen"

"The knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of God have been given to you..."  Luke 8:10

Genesis 15:6  "And he believed in Him, and He counted it to him as righteousness."

Hi everyone.  For some time now this has been on my heart.  What's "this"?  What I'm talking about is the end times, and how we are living in them.  It's not just me.  People all over the world are getting the revelation.  I don't know about you, but I find great comfort in it.  After all, "we will all be changed in the twinkling of an eye", Jesus' Words.  For the human psych, this is impossible to grasp. But in the Spirit, it makes perfect sense.  In times of your life, have you not got an inkling of eternity?  It's not something you can exactly illustrate.  It's just there.

Well, for instance, it can be as simple as a glass being half empty, or half full.  Half empty would be to focus on all the horrible things we hear on the news.  Things like ISIS, Jerusalem's constant turmoil, and the dreaded "one world order".  I mean, there is some people with some twisted ideas that want to take full control of our lives.  Well...if we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, that is something that ain't gonna happen.  Excuse my Texas slang.  Everything that is happening in front of us was predicted by the Word of God.  We have been warned, and foretold for centuries, and if we are wise enough to pay attention, we have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.  God's Word is the TRUTH!  It matters not what people say.  They can call us religious, or anything they choose.  The reason they lash out is because some people are blinded from the TRUTH.  I don't know why.  It's probably because the refuse to believe.  Or maybe they are afraid of giving up their power.  What power?  Once the new world order is in full motion, and the "Evil One" sinks his fangs into everything they hold dear, THEN they will know what "powerlessness" really is.  But whatever the case, it does not change the fact that Christians are here to tell the Truth to those who have not heard.  That we are living in the last days of "time", and only through Jesus will we be preserved.  In fact, not only preserved, but we come out on the winning side.  That's why it does not matter what people say.  Our responsibility is to tell them that time is rolling to a close.  It is not our responsibility for them to accept it. I pray they do.  It's going to require Faith on their part.

I see the glass half full.  Because when "Hell" breaks loose, and IT WILL.  Those of us who have surrendered to what Jesus did at the Cross, will be cozy as kittens.  When Jesus died that horrible death, for three days He was in Hell.  He went there in our place.  Not only that, but the Word of God says He went there, took the keys out of Satan's hand and came back.  So see?  He went for us.  If, by Faith, we believe this with our whole heart, and live by it, Hell will never be on our agenda.

It's so simple.  We believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, that He paid our bail out of Hell, and rose again, then we will be saved.  Once, however, you truly accept the Truth, out of gratefulness and Love, you willingly become a living sacrifice.  This means that you listen to Him, and obey.

This world is going down people.  It's one big ball of deterioration.  The only thing being renewed is what we allow to live in our spirit.  That's when we have to choose.  Do we want Life?  Or do we want death?  We have to choose now.  Because like Noah and the ark, once God shuts the door, wild horses couldn't pry it open.

All the signs are here.  Everything Jesus said to look for is right in front of us.  Live your life knowing Him.  Find comfort in the fact that He created you, and He loves you.  He has called you to Himself.  If you come, you belong to Him.  He will let nothing happen to those who are His.  Tell others, what you know.  And pray that they believe you.

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