A Thousand Shades of Ink

The Thousand Shades of Ink

Since I started this blog, I've come to learn a lot about writers.  They are a very passionate and unique group of people.  I know this from reading replies to some of my blogs.  Writers are artists.  And artists are full of passionate emotions waiting to be detonated.  And once the explosion occurs, beautiful and varied shades of color are added to the world.  Is this making sense? 

Even though I really don't know any of you personally, I empathize with you at many levels.  Emotions can run high, and wrong things can be said.  But that is not always a bad thing.  As long as we are on this Earth, we are learning.  We are learning what to speak, what not to speak, and most importantly, when not to speak.  Our hearts may not always agree, but our power to maneuver situations using only our words cannot be equaled.  We, as writers, have weapons that can build up the hearts of people, and at the same time, can bring down nations.  The choices are ours.  How will we use the powerful weapons that are placed in our hands?  The weapon of a writer is simply his words.

These are some of my recent thoughts.  I just wanted to share them with you.  Have a great day

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