WW2 Is It Over? rough draft

WW2 Is It Over?
It has been said that the effects of war can be long lasting and devastating.  Well, if we use our heads, mixed with a bit of common sense, and add that to learning and research...We may just have a formula for hope.

Who Knows and Who Cares

When I was a child, I, like most kids my age, didn't have a clue about war.  But as I got older, I began hearing things about it in middle school, high school, and even college.  I still, however, had the mind set of "what that have to do with me?"

How did it effect the world?  How does it effect us now?  Why is it even important?

It has been said that if wars aren't understood by the average person, there's a good chance of it happening again.
Help From the Allies
The allies were informed about the NAZI camps by formal letters written by ex prisoners that escaped years before the end of the war, but they still kept their focus on combat. Certain Jewish organizations repeatedly pleaded with high military officials to at least bomb the camps to stop the killing.
Well...there's more than one way to see this. 1) As professional military, they felt it was the right decision to continue fighting to win the war.  That would in turn stopped the mass murder being committed on a daily basis by the NAZI's.  2)  As human beings,

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