"Man Hunt" the CIA's brilliant conquest of finding Bin Laden

Did anyone of you happen to see a documentary called "Man Hunt"??  It's about some important people who work behind the scenes to save the lives of Americans. To keep you, and I secure is also their great passion.

As it turns out, an agency called the CIA, worked long and hard for many years way before 911. In the 1990s most Americans were raising families, going to work, living in new houses and apartments.

The documentary called "Man Hunt" was made post 911.  It has been said that the fault of 911 should fall on the CIA.  Some thought the CIA knew about 911 before it happened, and others made up their mind that the CIA was sleeping at the wheel.  The truth was announced when the CIA was able to tell their side of the story.

Our Central Intelligence Agency was working hard from the 1980s, 1990s, up to today.  Protecting American lives from Al Queda, and preventing sneak attacks. Over the decades, films, letters, and pictures trickled in over time from Osama bin Laden and people like him. The CIAs job was to take incoming information from all over the world, 60 countries. The puzzle making began.  Some of the information may have come ten years apart. The analysts, piece by piece, built the puzzle.  This helped to find who is connected to who.  They still didn't have all the pieces, but one thing they knew for sure was; Osama bin Laden warned America more than once, that he was going to attack.   People blamed the CIA because they felt they should have known.  There was no possible way, as human beings, that they could have known when and where an attack would happen.  After 911, with sadness and guilt in their hearts, the CIA went full force towards the mission of finding Bin Laden. In spite of the rotten tomatoes and criticism, their intelligence paid off.  With the help of skills of the CIA, Bin Laden was conquered. 

In one of his interviews:

Bin Laden shared, in his own words : Our people love to die for our Alla as much as American people love life." And that "America listens with a heart that doesn't hear words."

Listen Americans!  We are all in this together.  We are all the Navy, the Marines, and the CIA.

"A house divided will not stand." Those are the Words of God the Creator.  IF we are made in His image, then we need to include Him in our battles. Let's take Our God to the front line. Let's win the war!  We will Win!


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